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People Helping People

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PHP is an interfaith and secular nonprofit that provides food to people in need in Hernando County. PHP owns and operates the HELP Center at 1396 Kass Circle in Spring Hill and provides food through four programs:

  • Sunday Blessings - Served at 3:30p each Sunday at the HELP Center. Meals are donated by local restaurants, organizations, and social groups and served free to low-income families and individuals and the  homeless. 
  • Weekend Blessings - PHP provides easy to open and prepared kid-friendly food for children in Hernando County to help keep them fed over the weekend.
  • Senior Blessings -  Supplemental bags of groceries are provided monthly to low-income seniors in Hernando County.
  • Neighborhood Blessings - PHP provides food, toiletries, tents, camping supplies and necessities to homeless individuals in Hernando County. Lunch is offered on site, as well, Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:30.

In addition,

  • PHP has a Medical Clinic that is open each Tuesday between 10a and 1p for the uninsured in Hernando County. 
  • Showers are available for the homeless on Tuesday and Fridays from 10a - 1:00p 
  • We have information and can connect you with other organizations for help with rent, utilities payments, IDs, social security applications, employment, to name a few
  • The HELP Center has numerous events, including AA meetings every weekday evening, and is available for meetings and parties. 




What's Happening at the help center!

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Space for Rent

Our HELP Center has available space to rent to individuals and organizations to accommodate both large and small groups.  The Center has a dining room, multipurpose room, commercial kitchen and restrooms.  The furniture allows for flexible and social distancing, if desired.  For information about rental, please fill out the form for our calendar or contact Kendra at (352) 686-4466 or

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