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People Helping People

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Senior Blessings

PHP is aware that sometimes a grandparent may go without food to feed the rest of their family. Often, living on social security alone is not enough to make it through the month with food. PHP's Senior Blessings program provides supplemental groceries to seniors throughout Hernando County. PHP volunteers pack and deliver groceries to elderly individuals living in subsidized low-income  communities or neighborhoods. Bags are filled with items such as canned vegetables and fruits, tuna, canned chicken, soups, pastas with meat, beans, applesauce, puddings, and snacks. These items are mostly purchased at a discounted cost through the Community Food Bank, making your financial donation even more important.

Grocery List for Seniors

Hamburger Helper

Tuna Fish

Beef stew


Breakfast Cereal


Pork & Beans

Canned Vegetables

Mac 'n Cheese

Canned Fruit

Pancake Mix



Spaghetti Sauce

Peanut Butter



Canned Beans


Beef Ravioli

Canned Chicken

Ramen Noodles

Vienna Sausage

Instant Potatoes

Pasta Mixes

Canned Green Beans

Canned Corn